Monday, April 19, 2010

baby back tofu

it's a brave new world out there. at least when it comes to eating.

my dietary choices were never easy.

after all, i could have white meat or red meat for dinner. or both.

and then there was the troublesome issue of a t-bone versus a cheeseburger in paradise.

either would do well with an appetizer of a rack or two of ribs.

just so i left enough room for half of a peanut butter pie.

interesting how a colonoscopy changes things.

i am discovering that kale and bok choi start looking pretty tasty when you are facing surgery. and those black bean veggie burgers really aren't all that bad with some chipote seasoning.

i always enjoyed ethnic foods. and thai and indian lend themselves to a meat free diet.

they did look at me a bit funny when i tried to order beef dishes at gandhi's in denver.

i can eat tofu if it comes in a nice panaang sauce.

jimmy buffet made it 70 days in his song. i may need to amend my carnivorous habits for a bit longer.

2 weeks with no processed sugar, diet drinks, meat, or pizza. and i still have my will to live.

little did i know how good i had things.

no food for the next two days.

a clear liquid diet seems to pretty much rule out my green smoothies, to say nothing of anything that i can actually stab with a fork. and then i have an IV for a food source. followed by an always tantalizing diet of hospital food.

by the time i get back to having a plate of broccoli and cauliflower they should look like a gourmet meal at the ritz carlton.

2 more days until surgery. it will be a big adjustment for poodle. 4-7 days in the hospital if all goes well. she will be standing by the door with a tennis ball in her mouth the whole time.

and i will worry about the additional burden on joy. she has handled all this with great strength and tenderness. although i did find her watching carter on the home repair network a bit more than usual.

just a quick thank you to everyone who has been so kind to write and send good thoughts. i will have lots to read and hope to have a laptop so i can keep you posted on the cafeteria menu.

wouldn't it be interesting if they served baby backs?